Top Drive Upgrades and Installations

Top Drive Upgrades & Installations

KAT Industries, Inc. has retrofitted over 75 existing rigs new Top Drive installations. We are capable of both installing and upgrading existing top drives or manufacturing new top drives.

KAT Industries provides top drive installation and upgrade services the oilfield drilling industry - past clients include top drilling contractors such as Helmrich & Payne International Drilling.
View Key Features of our Top Drive Installations & Upgrades.

We also manufacture and design new top drives for the water well drilling industry.
View our new top head drive model designed for Layne Christiansen.

Top Drive Installation & Upgrades for Oilfield Drilling

Completed Installation of Upgraded Top Drive for Cactus Drilling

Our design reduces the amount of rig up and rig down for your top drive by integrating lower, intermediate, and upper torque beams. We purpose design torque beams for your system instead of the standard, "out of the box" bolt-in reactor assembly. We will improve your drilling efficiency by reducing rig up & rig down times for your top drive systems. View pictures below of a Rig Up of an Upgraded Top Drive Assembly for Cactus Drilling.

New Top Head Drive for Water Well Drilling

KAT Industries Design Model Model # KAT-750-010

This 375-ton Top Head Drive was designed for large diameter injection/disposal wells for Layne Christiansen. This Top Head Drive meets the requirements of the high torque, low RPM drilling needs for the water well drilling industry. This top head drive has an integrated split block design that is guided on the front legs of the mast. Utilizing the front legs as your guide beam, eliminates a guide track in the back of the mast and reduces mast depth. Height of the mast is reduced by the split block.

Clients Served

  • Cactus Drilling
  • Desoto Drilling
  • Helmrich & Payne International Drilling
  • Latshaw Drilling
  • Marathon Oil Co.
  • Nomac Drilling
  • Newfield Exploration
  • Patterson-UTI Drilling
  • M-I Swaco
  • O-Tex Pumping
  • Leam Drilling Systems
  • Baker Hughes