ST-80 Iron Roughneck Repairs, Rebuilds & Upgrades

ST-80 Iron Roughneck Upgrades that Minimize Downtime and Cut Repair Costs

ST-80 Iron Roughneck Upgrades and changes to replacement parts by KAT Machine have all been reviewed by engineers. To ensure safety and the integrity of the ST-80 Iron Roughneck, we made sure our upgrade ideas were all backed by an engineering firm. We hired Veristic Technologies to do a study of the ST-80 Iron Roughneck to confirm that our ST-80 Iron Roughneck upgrades cut repair costs and minimize downtown while maintaining the integrity of the equipment.

How KAT Machine Solved 3 Major ST-80 Iron Roughneck Problem Areas

  1. On ST-80 Iron Roughneck Rebuilds, KAT Machine upgrades all existing fiberglide thrust washers that limit the side to side movement for lift carriage, arm support and carriage frame. Our upgraded material solves the problem of the carriage frame moving too far to one side and getting caught on arm support, which causes the carriage frame to twist.
  2. Another major KAT Machine upgrade to the ST-80 Iron Roughneck includes replacing existing thrust washers on upper and lower sides of both torque cylinder trunnions with upgraded material. When upgraded thrust washers are installed, the cylinders are then centered. This solves the problem of cylinders jerking when hydraulic pressure is applied.
  3. Lastly, KAT Machine installs permanent spacers between the carriage and alignment plate on the ST-80 Iron Roughneck. This solves the problem of excessive gap between the alignment plate and the T-bone plate. The factory installs flat washers, if the washers are not re-installed during repairs it is possible that the T-bone plate can move out of position causing damage to upper clamp cylinder pins.

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Clients Served

  • Cactus Drilling
  • Desoto Drilling
  • Helmrich & Payne International Drilling
  • Latshaw Drilling
  • Marathon Oil Co.
  • Nomac Drilling
  • Newfield Exploration
  • Patterson-UTI Drilling
  • M-I Swaco
  • O-Tex Pumping
  • Leam Drilling Systems
  • Baker Hughes