ST-80 Iron Roughneck Repairs, Rebuilds & Upgrades

ST-80 Iron Roughneck Replacement Parts In Stock & Ready to Ship

KAT Machine specializes in ST-80 Iron Roughneck repairs, complete rebuilds, and upgrades. Our ST-80 Iron Roughneck Replacement Parts Catalog lists several common replacement parts in stock and ready to ship. KAT Machine has the capacity to fabricate any part of the ST-80 Iron Roughneck - so if you do not see the part you need, just give us a call and we can help get you the part you need.

Item Part Number Photo Upgrade Details (where applicable)
Remote Valve Control 30171622-500
(handle turned down)
(handle turned up)
Slide Ring 30173757
(lower brass ring pictured left)
(upper brass ring pictured right)
Plate, Bumper, LH
Plate, Bumper, RH
30175356-500 (LH)
30175356-501 (RH)
Roller, Knurled 30160614 Tightened clearance between knurled roller and roller shafts solving the problem of premature wear on roller and shaft keyways.
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Plate, LH
Plate, RH
30160393-500 (LH)
30160393-501 (RH)
Incorporated a lock nut replacing tapped hole. This allows greater installation torque to prevent pin from loosening. Lock nut feature assists maintenance of pin installation torque (tension). The nuts allows field replacement of the female thread.
More Information: ST-80 Iron Roughneck Upgrades
Pin, Clamp Cylinder Lower 30174119
Pin, Pivot 30175409
Pin, Hinge Upper 30172502
Pin, SW Hinge 30160612 Modified pivot shaft to allow for hex head nut. Added grease port to pivot shaft. Mill head of pivot shaft in order to fit impact socket for assembly.
More Information: ST-80 Iron Roughneck Upgrades
Pin, Clamp Cylinder Upper 30172503 (short head)
30174118 (long head)
Die Holder 30160383 Modified die holder part by removing four allen head set screws and machining counter bore deeper to accommodate four 1/2"-13 x 1" long allen bolts. This solves the problem with the heads breaking on the set screws.
More Information: ST-80 Iron Roughneck Upgrades
Shaft, SW Roller 30173756
Pin, Hinge, Lower 30174117
Assy, Jackscrew Brass Handle 30170645

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